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MongoDB at the EuroPython and a new sync/async ODM: μMongo

Coming back from the EuroPython where I could share feelings about the MongoDB ODMs in Python. I've learned few things there:

People only talk about Mongoengine

Mongoengine is the most well known ODM out there, probably because it is one of the oldest and most starred on Github. Beside it's …

Learning async programming the hard way

This weekend, I noticed is no longer reachable. I guess it's time to organize the funerals of this project.

First a word about the dead from it pypi page:

diesel is a framework for easily writing reliable and scalable network applications in Python. It uses the greenlet library …

The meta article - Warmup with lektor

This blog aims at writting about my experiences in programming, so what better start but to talk about my experience building this blog !

First and foremost, show me the code.

Hearing about Armin "flask" Ronacher's new project, I figured out lektor was exactly the tool I was looking for. Beside …