I'm Emmanuel Leblond, engineer at Scille working most of the time in Paris, France.

I have a C & embedded systems background but fall in love with Python since then.

A bit of my work

Most of my work involve Python and open-source, among patches and PRs I've ported projects to Python 3: authomatic and diesel.

Those days I'm mostly involved in the Godot game engine, notably porting Python on it !

I also enjoy mongoDB, so I created mongopatcher, a tool for database schema upgrade, and umongo, an ODM working with both async and sync mongoDB drivers. Beside, I'm part of the mongoengine team.

Finally, I help maintaining a C ini parser library, the well-named iniparser.

Contact me

My email is <firstname>.<lastname>@gmail.com (if you're not sure, my first name starts with an "E")

You can also see me on github as @touilleMan