Let's go to the Euro Pycon !

Tomorrow starts the Euro Pycon 2016 in Bilbao ;-)

Well it actually started today, but the events were only for women ("Django Girl") and newcomers to python ("Beginner's day"). The latter catch my attention btw: I would guess only long time lover of a language would come to the conference about it !

But on second though, if I look back since how much time I've been struggling to learn Haskell, such event could be exactly the impulse I need to overcome my daily routine get into the ecosystem & gravitating philosophy.

It haven't started yet, I'm already learning ! What a week this gonna be ;-)

EDIT: What a week indeed ! - Tons of Goodies: T-shirts, stickers, towel, powerpack battery, and even a micropython board ! - Conferences, riddles organized by the sponsors - I've join the Pypy team during the sprint weekend, the are as awesome as there project ! - Good food from the Basque country, we got an event inside a cider house too - And of course plenty of cool people to hang out with ;-)

Can't wait for the next PyCon

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